Friday, May 20, 2005

Some one told me that Today By Alwitwity

Some one told me that, When you fine a good face in persone have bad things, put to the good face a rose to make hin feel as human.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hope and fake firm

Hope and Fake Firm

By: Ahmed Witwit

Before week ago, when I on my Email to read the message that sent from the reader to my both website the English and Arabic, I received message told me (Congratulation you are the Winner) about (………Pound), that make me happy because I win and I will get money that make second hope to me to get a Credit Card, that will make my life easy when use the internet to get programs and many things that just read it in internet and dream to get it.

But, when I read the message I read this Firm want from me a fee to transfer the prize for me, but the fun things I don’t have the money of fee and really, I don’t have %1 from the fee. So, I seek to friends and ask him to help me, because I don’t know the life outside Iraq, I think the all people good and not bad.

Nothing like home, this is my favorite aphorism , and when I live in my home and I will get the money that make me happy because all my dreams will be done. I surprised because the Firm not real it fake. That make me happy to life a nice dreams but kick me to change and teach me the new life, internet life have many surprises.

Monday, May 16, 2005

The Dinner of the Slippery Sheep by Hussien Hunien

The Dinner of the Slippery Sheep
by Al-Witwiti

Some think Paul Bremer's visit to Diwaniya wasn't the least bit fruitful. Pessimists describe it as a disaster for several reasons, most importantly the governor’s meeting with the prominent figures of the province - and I won’t say the elites because this word which belongs to the legacy of the past regime is not very welcomed by the folks.
Optimists see it differently. A sophisticated scientific technology discussion took place that so astonished Mr. Bremer and his assistants that he decided to call NASA scientists to immediately fly in from the States. And not just NASA: Lockheed engineers, Microsoft programmers, and General Motors experts should all come down to Diwaniya to have a talk with Diwaniya’s experts that were presented by the mayor. Among those experts was the Oil and Industry Supervisor (don’t go thinking that Hussein Kamil is back!) who presented different projects to Mr. Bremer and made him feel sad about arrogant America for not knowing that one of the cities they control has so many great ideas and solutions inside it that would take a century for the biggest multinational companies to figure them out.
Mr. Bremer wanted to benefit from this as much as possible. So he also discussed the ozone hole and how to fix that. He realized he wouldn't have the rare chance to meet such gifted scientists and experts again.
He got what he wanted. We don’t need to replace freon gas. Instead we can take the advantage of the gas resulting from burning manure after mixing it with the notorious lithium brusside which results in a gas of offensive smell but does the job!
We noticed that the American gentleman was stealing a few seconds and anxiously writing down fast and short notes in his notebook after he realized that this information is worth the revenue of a rich oil well for a year and 3 months!
Still, he was having some problems understanding some of the Iraqi slang being used. The newfound scientific terms have no equivalents in English so far.
The second stage of the dialogue was after a lamb leg slipped from the hands of one of our scientists who wasn’t aware that treating lamb with free oil (as we call it here) will decrease the coefficient of startup friction dramatically. Of course, we cannot blame our scientist for this oversight. His specialization is in producing genetically modified seeds and hybridizing Sammara’s melons with the Eastern-Hamza watermelons.
The discussion was hot. And because of the imperfect combustion process, black carbon residues resulted. By the way, Iraqis call this residue 'Skham and use the phrase 'Skham Il-wijih (i.e. 'Skham of the face) when trying to describe extreme failure or embarrassment.
As the words carbon and 'skham were mentioned, one of our scientists took upon himself the task of explaining the utilization of carbon fibers in the Stealth aircraft’s body. At this point Mr. Bremer quickly wrote down the name of this scientist and promised to help him find a job as a senior advisor at Northrop or McDonald Douglas to help these companies improve their aircraft’s designs.
Actually mentioning the word "aircraft" made the scientists rush into discussing the tragic Columbia and Challenger’s space shuttles explosions.
Immediately, the Minister of Industry diagnosed the cause and said it was because of the stress corrosion caused by the acids inside the body of the shuttle. This acid is very similar in composition to the infamous lactic acid found in rouba. Mr. Bremer didn’t understand the word rouba until it was translated to him as yogurt.
Mr. Bremer wished the discussion could have lasted longer but the gentlemen were busy with more important and critical cases. (Guess what?)
Before leaving Mr. Bremer whispered to one of his assistants: "The universe envies us for the oil of Iraq. But thank God they don’t have any idea about the treasures gathered here at the feast of the slippery lamb."

Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Word of Truth by Karim Hatif Sabur

A Word of Truth
by Karim Hatif Sabur

Will the political parties try to heal Iraqis' wounds? Or will they rub salt in them instead? The former regime left us a heavy legacy of social illnesses and scars in our hearts which are so difficult to be rid of.
We see a woman who lost her husband during one of the wars pulling behind her a bunch of hungry children; a student whose future is ruined because he wasn’t accepted in college after he refused to join the Ba'ath Party; a citizen who was forbidden from working in the military because he was a Shia from the south; another who spent years behind bars because he cursed the regime in his dream, leaving his kids to sell plastic bags in the grocery market.
I thought of these people while sitting in an old Baghdadi coffee shop with some friends.
One of my friends said that a person he knows submitted a request to join the new police force and was asked to bring a letter of approval from the _____ party. Another friend said that his friend wanted to go back to his job as a teacher. When he submitted a request he was told that he must first join the _____ party.
Did the cancerous disease of the Ba'ath infect our patriotic parties? If the answer is yes then this is really a disaster for both people and parties. Parties will end up with members who don’t truly belong. They will become a thin string that can be cut at any moment during a crisis. This is what happened to the Ba’ath.
As for the people, this will encourage the rebirth of the opportunistic spirit that was first planted by the Ba'ath Party.
We hope all the parties will deal transparently with the people to develop the patriotic spirit inside them and - more importantly - trust.
Our parties were woefully inactive on several occasions. And I ask them: why didn’t you take any action after the assassination of Mrs. Aqeela Al-Hashemi, one of the Governing Council members? Or after the assassination of Mr. Mohammed Bakir Al-Hakim, who was one of Iraq's most prominent religious figures and had a broad base of followers?
The Iraqi citizenship law has been issued which gives the Iraqi nationality to those who stay in Iraq for only three years. Did any of our parties think of protesting or submitting a common condemnation to the authorities? Why should we offer Iraqi citizenship to people coming from countries that would never even give us visas?
We in our democratic nation are developing our institutions. We ask our brothers in other parties to join us, share their opinions, and work as one hand to protect our state and our people.

Ancient Monuments By Al-Witwity

My city had ancient civilization, the age of it about 7000 years old, and tile now nobody start to drill for it. Before five days ago the Iraqi police to hold a gang that work in smuggling for archeological statues, and they were been Syrian nationality.
I 'm sorry I can't to uploading the picture in this site because I don't know how I do that. So, I connected with this link to see it.

Friday, May 06, 2005

What has been done to globalize Diwaniya city by Hayder Witwit

Ad-Diwaniya example for Globalization:
All what can be saying they even did not start it but if they want to where they should take off?
If you start to take this city as pro-project for Globalization, there's a lot of things should be notice and putting as the base of starting off:
-The researches that are using here are derived from the reality of this city (based on actual data).
-Not to override the major topics of infrastructures.
-The solutions must start according to their priority of the needs of the society, then the priority of the health, after that the priority of the economical status of the society, following that the priority of the architecture.
The funds that hold for the improving the services in the city:

The major topics are the infrastructure, the culture (involving the education), the health, the economy, and the architecture.

-The sewage
-The water
-The electricity
-The fuel status
-The cleanness
-The afforestation (forestation)
-The streets of the city
-The communication
-The traveling (trip)
-The telephones services:
-The wired phones
-The cell phones

-The internet:
-The cafes
-The home's wireless services
-The phones services
-The applied technology of the society

The Culture:
The Education:
The Higher Education:
Al-Diwaniya University:
The teaching stuff
The student

The accent

The Public Health Measures:
The committee which in charge to identify the community health problems in Ad-Diwaniya city regardless to other cities:
It's not necessarily to be disease problem, but the food export by the united nation or WFP is of high significance to be criticized by the city like the oil which is rich in SFA (which high risk factor: potentate the cholesterol formation).

The economical status:
This city:
What's its base? Based on what?
The Trade level
The employment status
The pension's office
The Banks communications
The culture status
The Garage for cars repairing (Al Hai Al Sina' ee)
The Market

The Architecture:
The whole look all over the city
The solitary look
The arts stop-point
The modernization which derived from the antiquity
The joy of the life is to do something has never been expected
Nor done before
………….To be continue

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Iraqospherization of the world By Hayder Witwit

What do you think?
The Iraqi democracy is the ideal project that America want to globalize it over all the world, so hand by hand with it, make it better world, that world of peace, of safe minded environment, but still the whole control and build over again a new clear, safe, prospered, get in inside the participation zone of the world over all level of fields (health, technology, information, economic, ..etc) is of society will.
Ideal? Yes, ideal because:
1-The Iraqi people took part in and partake to activate it, and nobody else.
2-Great participation has been recorded. Hint of reality of open the door to peaceful future.
3-Under UN and the parties (that took part in the election process) supervision, with transparency and clarity in technique, the democracy process has been done.
4-Participation of minorities was of great hint of the covering the whole society.
5-Two women each man in lists that ruled during provision constitution, reflect the great role that given to women in building Iraqi future. And give them the chance to speak out their opinion that represent half of the society in books.

This experience of democracy in Iraq will be sign (may be symbol, don't think it kind of exaggeration) in the history to be mention whenever the democracy come to there.
It's done, but by whom, Iraqis did it, they are really brave people, it's first kind of democracy, has been born, to be in use, Iraqis invent new style(kind) of democracy , built it by themselves.
Iraqis proved that they aware their environment, what's going on in the other side of the world, giving that truly picture of been that strong to built such incredible society.
Although what the politicals and some sociologists (according to that background of religious and sects differences) expected that civil war to flare up, but it did not, why?.
Iraqis ,and only they, know why, because there was no, and will not be, such importance of being of other religion or sect, and the cultural merge gave rise to such relation that consider a kind of democracy, by accepting the other as they are, nevermind the thoughts they carrying. But what about violence, there's no such option to be in Iraqi Society Theater.
Flare up, using such verb question in itself, have ever civil war been happened in Iraq? The answer may be weird, but it's not, if you know that Saddam try to use these differences to seize Iraq, using the principles that says divide and rule, by using violence by the Sunnites against the Shiites not letting them doing their rites, but it does not work that time because Shiite did not stop doing their religious ceremony, in spite they have been hurt, showing great brave.
And new attitude should be historize at this level of progression, while they building new future they should, and they did, defy the terrorism.
What I meant by Iraqospherization, from this point of first Iraqi democracy experience, it should be globalize, let each nation decide their future away from terrorism and dictatorial regimes.
And I believe also they will have a great future depending right rule and principles of democracy.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005