Friday, May 06, 2005

What has been done to globalize Diwaniya city by Hayder Witwit

Ad-Diwaniya example for Globalization:
All what can be saying they even did not start it but if they want to where they should take off?
If you start to take this city as pro-project for Globalization, there's a lot of things should be notice and putting as the base of starting off:
-The researches that are using here are derived from the reality of this city (based on actual data).
-Not to override the major topics of infrastructures.
-The solutions must start according to their priority of the needs of the society, then the priority of the health, after that the priority of the economical status of the society, following that the priority of the architecture.
The funds that hold for the improving the services in the city:

The major topics are the infrastructure, the culture (involving the education), the health, the economy, and the architecture.

-The sewage
-The water
-The electricity
-The fuel status
-The cleanness
-The afforestation (forestation)
-The streets of the city
-The communication
-The traveling (trip)
-The telephones services:
-The wired phones
-The cell phones

-The internet:
-The cafes
-The home's wireless services
-The phones services
-The applied technology of the society

The Culture:
The Education:
The Higher Education:
Al-Diwaniya University:
The teaching stuff
The student

The accent

The Public Health Measures:
The committee which in charge to identify the community health problems in Ad-Diwaniya city regardless to other cities:
It's not necessarily to be disease problem, but the food export by the united nation or WFP is of high significance to be criticized by the city like the oil which is rich in SFA (which high risk factor: potentate the cholesterol formation).

The economical status:
This city:
What's its base? Based on what?
The Trade level
The employment status
The pension's office
The Banks communications
The culture status
The Garage for cars repairing (Al Hai Al Sina' ee)
The Market

The Architecture:
The whole look all over the city
The solitary look
The arts stop-point
The modernization which derived from the antiquity
The joy of the life is to do something has never been expected
Nor done before
………….To be continue


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