Thursday, May 05, 2005

Iraqospherization of the world By Hayder Witwit

What do you think?
The Iraqi democracy is the ideal project that America want to globalize it over all the world, so hand by hand with it, make it better world, that world of peace, of safe minded environment, but still the whole control and build over again a new clear, safe, prospered, get in inside the participation zone of the world over all level of fields (health, technology, information, economic, ..etc) is of society will.
Ideal? Yes, ideal because:
1-The Iraqi people took part in and partake to activate it, and nobody else.
2-Great participation has been recorded. Hint of reality of open the door to peaceful future.
3-Under UN and the parties (that took part in the election process) supervision, with transparency and clarity in technique, the democracy process has been done.
4-Participation of minorities was of great hint of the covering the whole society.
5-Two women each man in lists that ruled during provision constitution, reflect the great role that given to women in building Iraqi future. And give them the chance to speak out their opinion that represent half of the society in books.

This experience of democracy in Iraq will be sign (may be symbol, don't think it kind of exaggeration) in the history to be mention whenever the democracy come to there.
It's done, but by whom, Iraqis did it, they are really brave people, it's first kind of democracy, has been born, to be in use, Iraqis invent new style(kind) of democracy , built it by themselves.
Iraqis proved that they aware their environment, what's going on in the other side of the world, giving that truly picture of been that strong to built such incredible society.
Although what the politicals and some sociologists (according to that background of religious and sects differences) expected that civil war to flare up, but it did not, why?.
Iraqis ,and only they, know why, because there was no, and will not be, such importance of being of other religion or sect, and the cultural merge gave rise to such relation that consider a kind of democracy, by accepting the other as they are, nevermind the thoughts they carrying. But what about violence, there's no such option to be in Iraqi Society Theater.
Flare up, using such verb question in itself, have ever civil war been happened in Iraq? The answer may be weird, but it's not, if you know that Saddam try to use these differences to seize Iraq, using the principles that says divide and rule, by using violence by the Sunnites against the Shiites not letting them doing their rites, but it does not work that time because Shiite did not stop doing their religious ceremony, in spite they have been hurt, showing great brave.
And new attitude should be historize at this level of progression, while they building new future they should, and they did, defy the terrorism.
What I meant by Iraqospherization, from this point of first Iraqi democracy experience, it should be globalize, let each nation decide their future away from terrorism and dictatorial regimes.
And I believe also they will have a great future depending right rule and principles of democracy.


Anonymous babaram said...

yes/ my thoughts exactly/ americans need the iraqi people to suceed/ all wishing for you great future/ it.s hard work' but the only way to go/ show the world!

5:10 PM  
Anonymous babaram said...

yes/ my thoughts exactly/ americans need the iraqi people to suceed/ all wishing for you great future/ it.s hard work' but the only way to go/ show the world!

5:14 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

Well said!

Thank you from Oklahoma City.


10:51 PM  
Anonymous OneFreeKorea said...

You have another fan in Washington DC. Thanks, Diwaniya!

4:07 PM  

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