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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Letter To The Next Iraqi President by Alwitwity

I ask you to take care of the Iraqi people. If they ask you every day to fire a governor do as they wish. Because firing a governor every day is better than facing ten thousand swords. - Maowiya to his son Yazeed
Your Excellency,

I ask you to take care of the Iraqi people. If they ask you every day to fire a governor do as they wish. Because firing a governor every day is better than facing ten thousand swords. - Maowiya to his son Yazeed
Your Excellency,
This is the first time I have spoken to a president, and the first time I have written a letter to someone I do not know. What I have to say is extremely important to many Iraqis. I am asking you to listen to me before you settle into your chair in the palace that was built from our bones and painted with our martyr's blood.
Your Excellency. We don't want to see you more than one minute per day. Respect our private lives, houses, and holidays. Don't hang your portrait on the wall. Don't put your statues in the squares. We don't want to see you wearing a headcord or some other thing whenever we turn around. We don't want to listen to your news on TV welcoming someone, saying farewell to someone else, holding a meeting, or anything else that reminds us you exist. We don't want any of this, Your Excellency.
We want to feel you in our children's health, or while sleeping deeply in peace. We want to feel you in the bread filling our dishes, in the pure water that we drink every day, and in electricity that doesn't switch off every two hours.
Let your slogan be Iraq is for the Iraqis. Iraqis should always be first, not second or tenth or last. And when I say ??Iraqis ?? I mean Kurds, Arabs, Azoreans, Armenians, Chaldeans, Turkmen, and Jews.
Your Excellency. Don't favor your sons and relatives in positions of power. Don't take from Iraq that which does not belong to you. Don't put yourself in a position where you compete with the people. What belongs to you is your salary. Let the former president Abdul Karim Qasim set an example for you.
Your Excellency. Don't buy off poets and educated people. Talk to them. Ask them how they are and how the people are doing. Don't give them prizes and bank accounts. Their prize is love from the people and the intellectual freedom they will have during your presidency. Don't shut down those who won't praise you.
Your Excellency. We don't want to see the army standing on every corner or the police standing at every door. We don't want checkpoints at every crossing. But we do want Iraq to be safe for everyone who lives here and everyone who visits.
Your Excellency. Don't steal our money. Don't stash it in fake bank accounts. We will ask you about every penny you spend, every penny of our oil and gold. Our slogan will be Where did you get this? It will be our sword against evil.
Remember that people have given you their confidence. You won't stay long if you betray them, not even if you stuff them in jails. Don't ever think you are above the law. You are a citizen.
In our new Iraq we don't want to see a Kurdish child freezing out in the cold, or his family shacking in caves. We don't want to see the children of Basra wearing worn clothes and shoes. If this happens, consider yourself overthrown because you will not have fulfilled your duty.
Salaam for he who loves his people and gives them dignity.

Can you tell me Why? by Hayder J. Alwitwity

Why there is high percentage of poor people in Iraq while Iraq is a rich country? Why there is 80% of unemployed? Why there is 80 years and more of absence of terrorism and suddenly after 2003 became the highest percentage in the world? Why the terrorists insist that they are resistance while they keep killing Iraqis? Why there is still defect in electricity? Why the electricity keep off (long-term) and on (short-term) while we have enough, actually extra sources to keep it on permanently? Why most of Iraqis can't afford a lot of simple needs in their life? Why the water supply still dirty? Why there's still no sewage system in my city? Why there is still giardiasis, amoebiasis, TB, typhoid fever, cholera, HBV, and POU in high percentage and people dying from while we don't have AIDS cases? Why no one cares if Iraqis dying, not only this, but sometimes they celebrate (like in Jordan when 200 Iraqis have been killed in Hilla)? Why my city is still dirty? Why Saddam still enjoy (since he has been captured) while he killed millions in hours without trials? Why ( ) has 5 cars while his next 5 neighborhoods have none? Why you couldn't name even one street without holes and digs in my city? Why my mother can't go to hajj (and it is her wish in life before dead) and she's waiting since 1997, while others went 5 times?(under supervision of the new government while the law that it legislated says one can't go twice?) Why Wahabiya and Sunnites keep killing Shiite while Shiite keeps acting peace side? Why no one compensate Om Nidal (mother lost her 2 kids in 1991)? Why I can't go study cardiac surgery (I'm the best in my class) in USA or UK while we do not have such specialty in Iraq? Why our blood is that cheap that no body care even about our children? Why there's no even one supermarket in my city? Why there's no even one park (garden) in my city? Why I'm not regretting that I vote to the Iraqi Coalition List while I'm regretting that there's no other one deserves to vote for? Why I think that there's nothing like home, even though? Why my friends afraid from the rain, and once I told them feel the nature they changed their minds and they enjoyed feeling the rain? Why I'm keeping say feel the life? Why the ministry of trade in coorporation with the WFP keeps imports the bad fat (contain high cholesterol level)? Why I like the sentence that shot by Dr. Sabah (Professor) : (I'm student, and I'm still so, while I'm practicing this profession, till he takes my soul.) while the new teachers think that they know everything? Why the new democratic project character keep and insist using the same ex-regime in nomination the ministries portfolio by choosing (in coordination with coalition forces or what's called recently (multinational forces) ) their relative or friends or the bath party members while not even thinking in qualification and the efficiency of the candidate or give chance to other candidates? Why they pay the American citizen more than 7000 dollars while they pay the Iraqi citizen 500 dollars for the same job? Why the last thing the customer expects from an official personnel is nice smile while they asking them do something?