Sunday, April 24, 2005

My Arbic web site


Blogger Chester said...

Congrats on your new English blog.

I'm a former Marine and lived in Diwaniya for 6 weeks in 2003. Good luck to you and your fair city.

5:16 PM  
Blogger jedati said...

Welcome! I am glad you will be blogging in English and I will come back and read your writings!

I am American, and I do care so much about Iraqi's futures! I hope you will eventually be able to study here. Maybe your network of friends from this blog will eventually be able to help as well.

Again, WELCOME!!!!

5:37 PM  
Blogger Rancher said...

I too will be listening to you. Let me know if you want to be linked to my Blog.

9:20 PM  
Blogger Norman said...

Why there is high percentage of poor people in Iraq while Iraq is a rich country? Why there is 80% of unemployed?

There is 25% of unemployment rate in Iraq, 30% as the highest unemployment rate of one area in Iraq. If you need a job, the Kurdish area is an easy area to find a job.

Why there is 80 years and more of absence of terrorism and suddenly after 2003 became the highest percentage in the world?

Terrorism throughout the world continued to decline until 2003 hitting the lowest numbers since 1979. Al Qaeda wants a theocracy like Afghanistan. Baath Party and Sunni Nationalists want power. They do not want the democracy to stabilize which will give power to Shiite Muslims, and influence middle east with democracy. If you want the terrorists to achieve these objectives, you may always tell the coalition force to leave.

Why the terrorists insist that they are resistance while they keep killing Iraqis?

They can claim whatever they want to be seen as. In other words, it is nothing but propaganda of the terrorists to justify their acts and make illusions that they are with the Iraqis.

Why there is still defect in electricity? Why the electricity keep off (long-term) and on (short-term) while we have enough, actually extra sources to keep it on permanently?

The electricity has improved since the end of Iraq war from the range of 3300-4400MW to 5000MW for late 2005, which later once again decreased down about 4000MW and back up to 5000MW-7000MW in March. Iraqis are purchasing electronics and using more electricity which is causing the increase of electricity production cancelled. If you want more electricity, Iraqis will have to stop buying too much electroncis or use less electricity by energy savings. In the near future, Iraq Electricity Ministry say they plan to have a four hour electricty following an one hour brown out. In other words, 20 hours of electricity daily. However, terrorists may destroy the power line which some regions will not get that much.

Why most of Iraqis can't afford a lot of simple needs in their life?

Food ration cards should be handed out to by United Nations to the Iraqis that cannot afford these.

Why the water supply still dirty? Why there's still no sewage system in my city? Why there is still giardiasis, amoebiasis, TB, typhoid fever, cholera, HBV, and POU in high percentage and people dying from while we don't have AIDS cases?

The water is dirty because there are no sewage systems in the area yet. the pace of construction is low due to threats of sabotage and destruction on the power line by the terrorists.

Why no one cares if Iraqis dying, not only this, but sometimes they celebrate (like in Jordan when 200 Iraqis have been killed in Hilla)?

They are celebrating it because the killed people are Shitte, which typical Wahabbi Muslims hates. It is not true that no one cares. Listen carefully what the people around you respond to those terrorism, and look carefully on the Internet and you will know people do care.

Why my city is still dirty?

City projects have probably not begun yet. It may take weeks, months, or years which is only likely to happen after the security improves once again.

Why Saddam still enjoy (since he has been captured) while he killed millions in hours without trials?

He is enjoying his life in jail because the human rights groups and anti-war pacifists are more concerned about human rights of terrorists than civilian victims of terrorism.

Why ( ) has 5 cars while his next 5 neighborhoods have none?

He has a job, or money to buy that. If you want to have that much, you will have to find a job or start a small bussiness on your own.

Why you couldn't name even one street without holes and digs in my city?

The project to fix those holes have not began yet. Even those holes are to be fixed, terrorists set bombs under the roads and the explosions creates more holes. Ask the mayor to fix it. If he does not do the job, get him out in the next election.

Why my mother can't go to hajj (and it is her wish in life before dead) and she's waiting since 1997, while others went 5 times?
(under supervision of the new government while the law that it legislated says one can't go twice?)

Transportations were restricted, and only few were qualified. Blame the United Nations for any of those restriction.

Why Wahabiya and Sunnites keep killing Shiite while Shiite keeps acting peace side?

They see Shiite Muslims as infidels for their salafist values. Grand Ayatollah Sistani said not to revenge because it is the plans of the terrorists to start a civil war.

Why no one compensate Om Nidal (mother lost her 2 kids in 1991)?

You have probably not bribed the officials to get them, or probably because you were not part of the Baath Party, not part of Sunni, or the government at that time did not have enough to pay for everyone.

Why I can't go study cardiac surgery (I'm the best in my class) in USA or UK while we do not have such specialty in Iraq?

You have not applied an application that was offered by the CPA for education in US, or was unable to do on your own for the reasons you know.

Why our blood is that cheap that no body care even about our children?

Was there a price for blood? Some people may care, but you might not be aware of it. There should be some kind of charity. The question is if those charity reaches your area or not.

Why there's no even one supermarket in my city? Why there's no even one park (garden) in my city?

You probably live in a small town. You will have to wait until an Iraqi or Kuwaiti is interest in the project, or why not start one yourself. There is probably no park because the government of the past was not interested in building one for the Shiite people. It may also have cost money that they lacked.

Why I'm not regretting that I vote to the Iraqi Coalition List while I'm regretting that there's no other one deserves to vote for?

Why I think that there's nothing like home, even though? Why my friends afraid from the rain, and once I told them feel the nature they changed their minds and they enjoyed feeling the rain? Why I'm keeping say feel the life?

Those answer could only be answered by those with the answer. Ask yourself.

Why the ministry of trade in coorporation with the WFP keeps imports the bad fat (contain high cholesterol level)?

He might not be aware of health issues or he loves fat.

Why I like the sentence that shot by Dr. Sabah (Professor) : (I'm student, and I'm still so, while I'm practicing this profession, till he takes my soul.) while the new teachers think that they know everything?

You can only answer that question.

Why the new democratic project character keep and insist using the same ex-regime in nomination the ministries portfolio by choosing (in coordination with coalition forces or what's called recently (multinational forces) ) their relative or friends or the bath party members while not even thinking in qualification and the efficiency of the candidate or give chance to other candidates?

They probably want the Sunni to join, so they won't feel isolated and support the terrorism.

Why they pay the American citizen more than 7000 dollars while they pay the Iraqi citizen 500 dollars for the same job?

The GDP is different, the value of each currency unit is is different. With less money, more people can be hired too.

Why the last thing the customer expects from an official personnel is nice smile while they asking them do something?

Go to McDonnalds and you will discover the mystery. Big Mac $2.75, Hamburger $1.00, Smile for service... Priceless.

8:28 AM  
Blogger JP said...

I read IraqtheModel on a regular basis and linked to your new English website on Omar's recommendation. He called you a "brilliant Iraqi blogger". Thanks for the effort - you do much better in English than I would in Arabic. But what you have to say is less than brilliant so far, in particlar the long list of questions you ask about the poor quality of life in Iraq. Maybe long lists of questions are an ancient and honorable Arabic literary form (??), but honestly, they come across as just a lot of whining.

Here's the way it is in a democracy: if you want something done, you get together with your neighbors and get it done. Can you fill all the potholes in the country? No, but you can fill the ones on your own street. Can you pick up all the trash and garbage in the province? No, but you can clean up your own block. Can you create a big, beautiful city park by yourself? No, but you and your neighbors can plant trees all over your neighborhood. And once you have experience doing small things in your neighborhood, you take on bigger things in your whole town. See, that's the way it is in a democracy. Your country is the way you make it, starting small and getting bigger. As long as you think of yourself as victims and expect other people to do things for you, you'll never get anywhere.

As to why no one values Iraqi lives, let me ask you a question... who's killing you? Aren't Iraqis themselves blowing each other up in a mad killing frenzy? Why don't you value your OWN lives? If you want to stop the killing but you're not strong enough, why do you shelter the bad guys? Why not give them up to the police? I've heard that most of the killing is done in the name of religion. If that's true, then I'll tell you straight up - your religion sucks, and you need a new one.

One other note: democracy is a realistic, pragmatic approach to life. Democracy will make you face facts about yourselves as Iraqis that you may have been hiding from. Iraqis and other Arab countries have, for a long time now, been victims of bad government. Your leaders brag about what great countries you have and what great people you are, and what an ancient culture you have and how the Middle East is the cradle of civilization. But here's the truth: people who shit in their own drinking water are not civilized; hell, animals don't even do that! So drop the pretention and get to work with your neighbors on the little things around the neighborhood that you can actually get done together. And stop your whining.

10:03 AM  
Blogger kc_harley said...

Very good! Now can you come over here and explain this to these Liberals?

I wish you nothing put prosperity and good fortune!

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Annie said...

WOW! You have some person named jp that comes to your blog and whines. (Probably some comfortable person who sure didn't spend their youth under Saddam and then in a war zone!)

I had many questions when I was young, also! Then my son had so many questions that we started to laugh when he said he had ONE MORE question! On top of millions!

You have lot's of questions! I think you need to ask one at a time, otherwise the answers turn into books!

I am American, and I care very deeply about the Iraqi people. I know MANY other people who do too! We make mistakes and we don't always get things right or perfect, but there are still a lot of people that care. I wanted you to know that!

I hope you are very strong in hearing other peoples opinions, because on these blogs people can get hateful and rude and I am sure you will hear a lot of things that are negative. Sometimes people use FREE SPEECH as an excuse to not use manners and practice consideration for another person. For shame!

Please keep blogging in English!!! I can't read your other blog!!! (:

12:39 AM  
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