Monday, June 20, 2005

Peoples By Bahaa Adeen Sahib translated By Alwitwity

All of us will be die
The terrorism will kill you
And the love will kill me
If the terrorism kill me
Becusae Oh, I love Iraq


Blogger deteodoru said...

Not very much considered, I realized after listening
to a famous academic expert speaking on Iraq, is the
fact that Saddam, upon realizing that he faced an
American attack, reached for reconciliation to Iran.
The Russians served as intermediaries. The scholar at
issue couldn't imagine that as possible. Yet, it seems
to be true. In fact, ongoing WashDC-Baghdad
negotiations to forestall an American invasion were
cut off when the US satellites spotted truck convoys
going EAST to Iran instead of WEST to Syria as
suspected, transporting Iraqi planes and military
hardware (see also Taryk Aziz's interrogation). The US
then broke off all the ongoing negotiations for regime
change and prepared an attack-- certainly not because
the Iraq-Iran rapprochement was going badly.

Saddam needed depth through some sort of resolution
with Iran. He also needed reconciliation with the
Shi'ia and Tehran could take care of that. Russia
mediated because so much oil as Iraq-Iran had, kept
out of Western hands would make them dependent on
Russia. As Putin was quoted: "I will make Russia
dominant of world politics [read that as West] through
energy.". But for the US and England, such a new
oil-rich alliance was unacceptable.

The point here is that if the US invasion interrupted
a Shi'ia-Sunni rapprochement of sorts on a Kurdish
model, interrupted by US invasion, then with US
withdrawal, the three sides could pick up where they
left off, this time sans Saddam.

Daniel E. Teodoru

3:55 PM  
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